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Monday, August 31, 2009

Pre Wedding Festivities

I'm happy to announce that on June 27th, 2009 I became Mrs. John Mueller on top of Vail Mountain Vail, CO.

Most people plan their wedding a year or two in advance. We decided to try to pull a destination wedding together in five months...O' did I mention traveling there will also be 31 of our closest friends and family? Countless hours were spent planning and scheduling every detail by our wedding planners-friends Lorin and Julee Emmerich . I would like to say I helped but the only way I helped was by staying out of their way. Julee thought of everything and I mean everything, I don't know how she does it. Thank you Lorin and Julee-your the BEST!

Lets back up to the days leading up to the "Big Day" ....
... My mom and step-dad had just arrived in Vail that Wednesday after traveling with three teenage grand kids,when I had rushed into her condo with my sister Billie Jo and said "lets go you have an appointment". Very reluctantly she grabbed her purse that she had just set down and came with us. I wanted to make sure that my mom and bridesmaids had some rest & relaxation... so off to the spa we went to get manicures and pedicures, I had a trial run done for hair and makeup as well. The girls at Spatique spoiled us by having wine, fresh fruit, cheese, crackers and chocolate set up for the four of us to enjoy.
My farm girl mother had never received a pedicure before, but seemed to quickly unwind and relax once she soaked her feet and had some wine and goodies. Later that night we had a "Welcome Party" planned at BART & YETTI'S for all our guests, we were ready for a night on the square after being pampered all day. I could get use to this...two more days until the "Big Day".


Friday, February 13, 2009

During our trip into the mountains, we started to think ahead about Jeeping the mountains this summer after the wedding. After seeing the scale of the mountains, Angie approved the wedding budget to include Jeep upgrades. (I love her for many reasons, but "wedding jeep parts" just added one more reason.) The video below shows our stock wrangler having difficulty with an aggressive portion of a trail in Rib Lake. Kris (one of my Groomsmen) and I have begun the Jeep upgrade process. Kris also likes to go jeeping and has a well outfitted wrangler. One things for sure, there are plenty of power tools in Kris' garage to help out. See my new favorite power tool next blog.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Here we are in Vail, CO. Look behind us to see the wedding ceremony location...yes that's right..on top the mountain! The clouds covered the wedding deck everyday we were the view in June (27th) will be a wonderful surprise to us as well.

Meet our "Wedding Planners" also our long time friends "Lorin & Julee Emmerich. Julee is a past co-worker of Angie's from CENTURY 21, now she's our Miracle Worker!
After many hours of hard work by Lorin & Julee. Our destination wedding location of Vail, CO site inspection trip was a go for January 27th, 09.

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